About Us

Established in 1971, Thunder Country Diving offered a course called Safe Scuba. Since equipment and training have evolved, the ideology of safe scuba is the foundation for these changes, continuing in our program’s today. TCD offers all levels of certification, whether you are just getting started with your initial certification course or you are an experienced diver looking for specialty or professional level training. Snorkeling and scuba diving are unique activities not only exciting for adults but for children too! Scuba Rangers is a children focused diving course in which they learn about the underwater environment while having a fun time together!

Thunder Country diving is based on the premise that the customer comes first, striving to provide the best service in the Northern Ontario region. With us, you can learn to scuba dive in a safe and enjoyable manner. Diving is a natural stress reliever and allows you to decompress from your busy week!

Thunder Country Diving also promotes environmentally safe diving practices. We encourage divers to learn more about the coral reefs they are visiting and to be informed consumers. If you dive, don’t touch! Instead take only picture memories with you and leave bubbles behind. By keeping you fins, gear and hands away from the coral you can minimize the impact you are having on the reef! Thunder Country Diving is a strong supporter of EcoDivers   a marine cleanup group that has been reducing the amount of pollution and litter in our very own Lake Superior.