Equipment Rentals and Services

Rental Charts (1)

Standard Rental Package – $50.00
Includes; Regulator, Wetsuit, BCD (non-weight integrated), Hood, Gloves, Lead with a belt and a Tank with air.
Standard Package Weekend Rental – $85.00

Pro Rental Package – $75.00
Includes: Regulator, Dive Computer, Wetsuit, BCD (weight integrated), Hood, Gloves, Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Lead, and a Weight Bag.
Pro Package Weekend Rental – $105.00

Rent to Own A purchasing method that allows the customer to put a product on hold by placing a deposit on the item. Requires a minimum deposit of $100.00 a month, dependent upon the size of the purchase. In addition, as you rent equipment 50% of the rental fees will be added to your account towards the equipment you wish to purchase.

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Loyalty Program
We appreciate you buying local and giving back to the Thunder Bay community! In return those customers who remain loyal to the store by purchasing their gear here receive a 10% discount on in store products and $5.00 air fills. The loyalty program also includes “Parts for Life” where if you purchase regulators from us, all your service needs become 50% off and you will get free parts as long as the regulator overhauled once within every two years. To become a part of the Loyalty Program you must purchase a Mask, Fins Snorkel, BCD, Regulators, and Wet Suit.  It pays to be loyalty here!!